Happy Face 3D Printed Powered Face Mask

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The Happy Face Mask is a powered face mask/face shield combination.
It is 3D printed from PETG and TPU. It is designed to be easy to build, and is open sourced on Thingiverse, #4595084

It prints in 5 PETG parts and 3 TPU seal parts.

It slides on to a standard baseball cap.
Uses a 75X30mm USB fan for ventilation
Has a cut out section of a standard 3 ply face mask for filtering input air.
Exhaust, exhaled air is filtered through the fabric apron sewn from two plies
of melt-blown polyethylene fabric from a reusable shopping bag.
It is held in place with 5mm elastic cording, which also is sewn into the periphery of the apron to make it seal around the face.

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