Thanking my NHS Nurses with 3D Printed LED Name Badges

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Has it really been over 3 months already since my accident?? It has, and I'm back at my making nonsense!

Get caught up with how my recovery has been going and check out the amazing thank you gifts I made for my NHS hospital nurses! It's amazing what a bit of ingenuity, 3D printing, and tiny LEDs can do.

If you want the files to make your own customised 3D printed light up name badge, you can find them on my Patreon!

Thank you all for following me on this adventure, it's been a wild one for sure. I can't wait to get back to my usual shenanigans again!

00:00 -- Intro
00:15 -- Recovery Updates
01:06 -- Surprise gifts for my nurses!
01:40 -- Making 3D Printed Light Up Badges
03:01 -- Hospital Trip Time!
04:42 -- Post Gift Delivery Catch Up

My shirt is in support of the awesome 3D printing filament library, Filament Colors! Check out the site here:

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