Ivermectin, Nitazoxanide, And Hydroxychloroquine For COVID-19: Head To Head Comparison Of The Three!

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In this video we will discuss Ivermectin, Nitazoxanide, and Hydroxychloroquine as potential therapies for COVID-19. This study performed a head to head comparison between these three medications for the outpatient treatment of mild to moderate COVID-19. They termed it the Pre-AndroCoV Trial with the goal of identifying which of these medications was most efficacious. They then said that they would study the most efficacious of these three medications in the larger AndroCoV Trial. All patients also received Azithromycin and many received Zn, VitC, VitD, colchicine, NAC, steroids, and more. We will discuss the mechanisms and dosing of each of these medications and then dive into the trial results. Check out the video for all the details!

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