How to sand 3D prints (rough to smooth)- Pla+ 3d Printing

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In this video Ill be describing my step by step process on how to sand 3D prints. if you have ever finished a print but it did not come out as smooth as you may like you can save it and still get that great quality finish. watch this video to learn how and also share if this helps or leave a comment below on some of the products you use to sand.

-sand paper 3m (your preference) 60Grit 120Grit 180Grit and 220Grit (your preference)

Wood filler- Natural color

Sanding Block- 3m (or any you can find)

Rustoleum- Filler primer or automotive primer or etching primer. (any primer that fills gaps)

Respirator or mask

Elbo grease- Your personal strength and endurance. burn those calories lol.

Mandolorian 3d file from do3d

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