Creality 3DPrintMill belt 3D printer: What to know before you buy

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Something new in 3D printing: the Creality CR-30 3DPrintMill offers infinite Z belt 3D printing at a lower price than ever before. So should spend your hard earned cash? In this video, we take a deep dive to see what it's actually like to use.

3DPrintMill on Kickstarter:

A huge thank you to Karl of NAK3D Designs. Please check out his channel using the links below.

This printer provide free of charge by Naomi Wu/Creality for the purposes of making this video. All opinions expressed are my own.

0:00 Introduction

1:13 Not a new idea, but attributed properly
Makerbot automated build platform from 2010:
Article on Bill Steele’s infinite Z printer from MRRF2017:
Printrbelt article:
Karl’s NAK3D Design YouTube channel:
White Knight open source belt printer by Karl:
3D printing Nerd’s interview with Karl regarding the White Knight open source belt printer:
Naomi Wu’s explanation of bringing the 3DPrintMill to market:

3:27 Much the same, yet completely different

5:52 Capable but not a replacement
Maker’s Muse CR-30 review:

8:24 Your knowledge of slicing is partially useless
Blackbelt Cura download:

12:00 This printers is improved my mods
Octoprint guide:
Continuous print Octoprint plugin:
Raspberry Pi case:

15:26 The belt is a strength and a weakness

18:15 Not for beginners

19:02 Conclusion
NAK3D Designs printing a 6m long beam:
NAK3D printing a supportless dinosaur:

Models featured in this video:
Rubber band boat:
Helice tripale repliable - folding propeller:
Low poly fox:

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