3D printed coasters that smell!!

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Recently I've bought some scented TPU samples from a company called Tecnikoa. I already had the TPU from extrudr which is really nice to print with. I created some coaster designs with Fusion 360°. 6 of the designs are my own, one I created using a svg that I downloaded. I never used a svg before. So I wanted to test it and it works really nicely. Here's the source of that .svg: https://freesvg.org/circular-ornament-tribal-pattern

Here you can find the files if you want to print them yourself:


Sample Spool: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:4171597


the links aren't affiliate links. So I haven't earned anything buying either from Filamentworld nor Tecnikoa.
If you want to support me it would be nice if you could buy a cat treat for me:
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