What To Do With Your Money Right Now as an Investor

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Matt explains what to do with your money right now for investors who want more than the mainstream narrative.

The headlines are crazy right now, and the mainstream media will leave you confused about what to do with your money. So on this episode of Moneyline Matt covers the markets in detail and shares his analysis on how the future may look to help investors decide what to do with your money right now.

Matt covers the recent election results and how the blue wave will affect the markets. Matt also covers the fed and explains how their policy will affect the price of bitcoin and other crypto-currencies. He also covers what sectors will rally during the Biden administration.

The mainstream media is telling you the world is going to hell as bitcoin and all 3 major averages are hitting new highs… an an investor they can’t be trusted…

If you’re an investor who wants to know what to do with your money, tune in to Moneyline right now!

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