SOVOL SV04 IDEX 3D Printer First Look!! Your Dream 3D Printer in 2021?!

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Since we published our Sovol SV04 product page on Feb 2021, we got people ask the Sovol SV04 Beta, Sovol SV04 Release Time, Price ect everyday basically. We highly appreciate that a lot of people keep following our new printer. Thanks! We believe that we will release the printer on the end of May. And don't worry about the price, it will be VERY NICE! (The price on our website is NOT the Final Price)

Sovol SV04 IDEX 3D Printer (Same investment, Double productivity! )

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In these months, we took a series tutorial videos as well so that help you get started IDEX 3d printing quickly. Once the product release, those video will be public as well. This is our first formal video for Sovol SV04, hope you like it, and welcome to share it the people who are interested IDEX 3D Printer.

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In this video:
The blue filament is ABS, red filament is 85A TPU, yellow filament and white filament are PLA.
Easter Bunny STL:
Spring Rabbit:
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