SkeeRide - 3D Printed RC Snowmobile

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This is a fully 3D printable RC snowmobile. I have been designing and tweaking it for a long time now and I think it's time to start sharing how it is going.
This was designed from the very beginning with easy assembly and minimal purchased parts as the goal. I think I have accomplished that goal. Everything is printed except for: Electronics, screws, bearings, and shocks. It can be printed on a print bed 200mm x 200 mm or larger. Most items do not need any supports but there are a few that will need some.
My plan is to sell the files at myminifactory. I hope to make the files affordable, but free isn't the plan right now. After I get some good testing in the snow I will make the files available for purchase.

I have created a Discord channel for support: https://discord.gg/CmusTBzX
Please join and contribute to this awesome hobby.

Many of the parts of my design are inspired from other snowmobile projects that I have seen. I have reached out to those that some of my work might resemble. If you feel something looks similar to your work and you did not receive a message from me please reach out to me. Nothing in my design is a modified version of others work, All of it was hand made by me, but some may still resemble that of images I used for reference.
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