REVIEW: Anycubic Mega Pro 2 in 1 3D Printer - Well it broke... but here are the pros & cons anyway!

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After my initial first impressions of the machine were very good, my ongoing use helped uncover a few of this printers issues. In this video, I discuss these issues in more depth as well as the pros of this machine. I also talk about how my 3D printer broke and the support provided by Anycubic. I'll post an update in the comments if they agree to send a new controller board, we shall see...

As previously mentioned in my unboxing & subsequent laser test, here's the link for the spool upgrade I designed:

Please note, Anycubic sent me this printer at a discounted rate for a review, however, all opinions are based on the full price for this machine. In the UK, it is possible to purchase this printer for as low as £260 if you don't mind waiting for shipping.

Quick spec check:
- Dual Drive Gear Extruder - Bondtech Clone
- Trinamic Stepper Drivers - For reduced stepper drive whine, however, the rest of this printer is not quiet and the moving parts are heavy, so not much benefit seen from these.
- Max Build Volume: 210 x 210 x 205 mm
- Max Hotend Temp: 260C
- Max Bed Temp: 100C
- Laser Engraver: Bit of a gimic in my opinion

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