Prusa Mini update: Improvements including Bondtech extruder & heat-break

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In my opinion my Prusa Mini missed the mark on release. Some good features but the print quality and reliability was just not there. With plenty of folks still suffering from these issues, I decided to purchase and test the Bondtech extruder and heat-break upgrades.

Make up your own mind based on the side by side before and after shots, but from my point of view the extrusion quality and consistency has improved. What do you think?
The print quality is now “good enough” for me to use this 3D printer as I intended.

Everything featured in this video was purchased with my own money. All opinions expressed are my own.

Prusa Mini silicone socks:
Bondtech Prusa Mini extruder upgrade:
Bondtech Prusa Mini heat-break:
X3D Recycled Pro PLA:

Extruder installation guide:
Heat-break installation guide:
Prusa Mini forum:
Bondtech extruder feedback thread:
Bondtech heat-break feedback thread:
Prusa Simplify3D profiles:
Prusa Mini firmware releases and changelog:
M303 Autotune:

Models featured in this video:
Maya Death Whistle:
Stepped bin:
Milk crate:

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