Pavlovich Workshop - Michael Pavlovich - ZBrush 2021.5

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Pavlovich Workshop - Michael Pavlovich - ZBrush 2021.5

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00:00 Start
4:40 Transpose Unit Calibration
5:53 External Scene Unit Import
12:06 Brush AutoMask Color
15:25 Micropoly Helix
20:18 Mask by Polypaint
20:58 Contrast Brushes and Deformers
22:31 ThickSkin Cloth and Creature Wrinkles
30:40 Dynamesh Create Shell Hollow Mesh
34:20 Chitubox 3D Print Hollow & Internal Supports
36:50 Fingers and Toes Dynamesh
45:40 Deflate Boolean Hollow
52:20 Thick Fibermesh Hair
1:07:30 Shrinkwrapping Cloth to a Wire Structure
1:20:00 Game Res a Curve Brush
1:30:00 ZCompositor to Substance Painter
1:42:14 ZCompositor to Marmoset
1:45:03 Marmoset Toolbag 4 Texturing
1:51:40 Depth Mask Brush for Edge Detection

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