Mynt3D PRO printing pen

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Set of videos that go over my experience with the Mynt3D PRO printing pen,
and Creality CR-6 SE 3D printer and my Anycubic Delta, linear Plus 3D printer - And an AnyCubic Chiron 3D Printer

So, If you like these glimpses into my learning and use of 3D printers; you should get one :)
Just be sure to do a lot of research before buying one.
They are not one size fits all, The are NOT ready to print perfect prints right out of the box.
But, with a little work, they can be not only great fun, but a great educational tool -
and, you get to make really cool things!

These are just my opinions and thoughts...
I am not paid by anyone, I have Purchased each device, Mod, Tank, 3D printer, filament, - ETC...Period.
Remember, These are just MY opinions, yours may be different. :)

OctoPrint - Download and more information -

Buy the Mynt3D PRO printing pen here -
That store also sells the replacement nozzles for $10.

Buy the Creality CR-6 SE printer here -

Firmware and information here CR-6 SE -

Buy the Anycubic Chiron Here -

Buy the Anycubic Delta here -

Firmware and all software / information can be found here - Chiron -

Firmware and all software / information can be found here - Delta -

Slicer that I use Cure 4.7.1 -

3D prints / ideas / objects -

This ^ build Tracked Vehicle (version 1) - link to tinkercad - some of the things I have remixed, created, or fixed. I'd like to add credit
to those that are re-mixed, but some are a couple years old, and i simply just remember where they all came from. ALL were free, non paid for.

ZYL Tech Filament site - That I use exclusively on my Chiron printer and CR-6 SE

WYXWorks 1.75mm Filament - That I have used exclusively on my Delta printer -

Smart plugs - turn you 3D printer ( or what ever off from anywhere! with your phone!)
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