My Droid gets a brain! (Episode 5)

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Episode 5. This episode I cover installing an onboard computer and touch screen on the drink dispensing droid. This episode is perfect for anyone wanting to install a small form factor computer on their robots.
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Creating LED animations for Arduino

--EZB passthrough for onboard Arduino Latte Panda
--Adding Adafruit library to Arduino IDE
--Neopixel strips:

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Sunfounders touch screen:
Latte Panda:
Pro Trinket:
Neopixel ring:
Orbital sander
Sanding disks:
Foam pad for orbital sander:

Controller and software:
EZB v4/2 by Ez Robot:
Arc software:

Printers and materials used to build this bot:

Creality CR-10 Max :
Anycubic Photon printer
Anycubic Mono X Printer:
PETG Overture:
Фотополимерный 3d принтер
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