Lambda Class T-4a shuttle print on prusa 3D printer

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The foldable R2D2, which was shared free of charge, so that you can enjoy the technology of FAB365 design, was greatly loved by 3D printer users and customers. To thank these customers for their support, we created another free design.
Also featured in the movie Star Wars, it is a lambda class T-4a shuttle used by Darth Vader and the Emperor of the Empire.


Design features:
In order to realize all parts to the fullest, it cannot be made with a perfectly foldable design, and some are designed to use adhesives/glues.
However, it has produced and depicted more detailed than any other design ever made for 3D printing.
Stairs can be connected to the front of this shuttle, and landing gear can be fitted to the body, allowing the emperor or the governor to get off the shuttle to create a movie scene.
There are a few precautions when printing.
Apply brim for the wings. Because the wings are thin, there is a high probability of falling during printing. Brim is very easy to remove after printing.
When fitting the rear part of the body, the rotating wing joint must be lowered vertically and then inserted, so that the device that maintains the angle of the wing functions properly. When fitting the wings, please use adhesive/glues.
The folding process is as follows:1. Insert the front part of the body.
2. Lower the side wing linkage vertically down.
3. Insert the back of the torso.
4. Fold the bottom part of the torso and glue it.
5. Remove the support in the slots of the side wing. And glue the wings on both sides.
6. Glue the vertical wings.
7. It's done.
In the future, we will continue to produce better designs to reward our customers.
Thank you.
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