Generation Covid

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Younger workers are more likely to have lost work and earnings as a result of the coronavirus crisis. The closure of schools and universities due to lockdown restrictions has affected young people both educationally and socially, leading a generation already concerned about future employment prospects to experience increased mental health/wellbeing concerns and isolation. In low-resource settings, poor infrastructure and lack of access to technology are huge barriers to digital engagement. Lack of safe spaces means young people are now increasingly vulnerable to sexual exploitation and grooming. Covid-19 has widened pre-existing gaps in gender equality. Researchers for Global Citizen claim the pandemic has undone 70 years’ progress towards educational parity in India.

Despite the challenges and restrictions posed by Covid-19, students and young people have shown their willingness to share knowledge and create pathways to prosperity that can forge lasting connections between youth and community action. LIDC would like to build on this process, and are delighted to have this opportunity to echo the voices of young leaders who will be joining those of senior academics and policy-makers in this webinar.
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