FreeCAD Design Series pt.1 - Mug Design with Text (Parametric Modelling)

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In this video I teach you how to design a mug with custom curved text in FreeCAD. I teach you how to do this the proper way, using parametric modelling. I cover various new tools in this video such as Datum Planes, the Arc Tool, The Sweep Tool, and the Project to Surface Tool. One of the topics I cover is how to add text to a curved surface. This has always been notoriously difficult in FreeCAD, but has recently been made slightly easier thanks to the addition of the new projection tool. I hope you find this video extremely useful and capitalize on what I have taught you. All the best.

00:00 Intro
00:13 FreeCAD 0.19
00:44 Pre-Requisites
01:01 New Project
01:27 New Spreadsheet
01:40 Creating Parameters
02:08 Activating Parameters
02:32 Make Body Active
02:36 Mug Sketch
03:41 Mug Padding
04:35 Mug Pocket Sketch
06:41 Mug Pocket
07:53 Datum Planes
08:40 Adding a Datum Plane
11:43 Handle Sketch 1
12:03 Arc Tool
15:05 Centering the Handle
16:42 Handle Sketch 2
19:49 The Sweep Tool
21:05 Cleaning up with Fillets
23:06 Changing Your Model Colour
23:34 The Power of Parametric Modelling
26:35 FreeCAD 0.19 Reminder
27:10 Adding a Datum Plane
27:48 Adding Text (ShapeString)
28:29 Limitations of Text in FreeCAD
29:45 Downgrade ShapeString To Faces
30:12 Fusing The Faces
30:47 Hiding The Draft Grid
31:08 Project To Surface Tool
32:49 Outro

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