Foldable Mystery machine print on CR10 3D printer

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Although there are 3D printers or devices that can print multiple colors at the same time, it is still difficult to say that the completeness is high. Setting is also difficult, and the amount and time of filament consumed in the purge box is quite large. So, I recently made some folding designs so that some can be printed and pasted according to the color or material. The reaction of 3D printer users to this was good, so I took this opportunity to design the main concept to print and attach parts separately according to color.
It was selected as the most suitable target as the Mystery Machine appearing in Scooby Doo, which recorded a large number of votes in Request.


The number of parts is so large that printing is a bit cumbersome, but the making process is very simple. Simply insert the parts to match the color and then fold. However, the upper part of the vehicle is a type that wraps the lower part, so you only need to pay attention to this. Please check the video for more details.

With this design, I'm going to think more about the color. Hope you enjoy 3D printing~

When expanded, size = X 158mm, Y 162mm, Z 42mm After folding X 65mm, Y 114mm, Z 70mm
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