FLASHFORGE ADV 3 LITE | Beginners will love this 3D printer| So simple!

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Never used a 3D printer before? Well neither have I.
But Look at what I could do with a Flashforge adventurer! , soo fun, soo easy.

Let's discuss what the benefits of the Flashforge adventurer 3 lite are and try to see if it really is a beginner friendly 3D printer or not.

You can find the Amazon Link for the printer here.

► Flashforge Adventurer 3 Lite 3D printer
★ US Link - https://amzn.to/3BzCWPA

★ UK Link - https://amzn.to/3eWdAlw

★ CA Link - https://amzn.to/3ry25FU

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You have been hearing so much about the 3D printer world and want to get into the action!

But you have no idea yet what makes a 3D printer good, and what doesn't.

Lucky for you I have everything covered, In this video you will know all the basics you need and will be able to quickly make a decision about how good this 3D printer is and if it is worth your time to get one.

To cut things short,
You have to decide between a
1. The type of printer, FDM or resin printer ( this one is FDM which I believe to be easier to handle for beginners)

2. The build size
3. The software
4. the Controls and smoothness of operation.
You're getting excited, aren't you?

Other important information to know about
That the Printer allows for many Slicers, and has a good customer service base, there is a Facebook community as well that you can find pretty easily by typing Flashforge.

To top it up, the 3D Printer option provided is cheap, making it a great way to test if you are in to 3D Printing or not.

You won't have to lose a few months salary just to find out.

I hope you enjoyed the video.

Good luck with your life and have a nice day!
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