Diagonal Z hop - Help me test this new slicing idea

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In the face of a real torture test challenge, I thought of a new way to handle Z hop. The same clearance to prevent collisions, but with the hope of reduced stringing. This concept is called diagonal Z hop, and in this video I’ll show you my results and show you how you can help me test it.

Try diagonal Z hop here: https://teachingtechyt.github.io/diagonalZhop.html

0:00 Introduction

0:37 E3D overhang egg - A proper torture test
Overhang egg on Printables: https://www.printables.com/model/158500-overhang-egg-a-3d-printer-stress-test

3:57 Understanding diagonal Z hop

5:21 How the post processor works
Link to source code on GiHub (diagonalZhop() function): https://github.com/teachingtechYT/teachingtechYT.github.io/blob/master/js/gcodeprocessing.js

7:52 My print test results
Retraction test page with STL: https://teachingtechyt.github.io/calibration.html#retraction
3Dbenchy: https://www.3dbenchy.com

9:09 Alternate strategy with results

11:00 Weaknesses and potential improvements

11:35 Conclusion

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