Creality Ender 3 V2 - Awesome 3D Printer Head Gear Mando Helm Mod

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A 3d printer allows us to go wild and create whatever we can imagine, with only a few limitations. Normally I like to make functional parts to solve problems, but... in this video we jump the fence and do something for looks and the cool factor and I'm pretty happy that we did.

The helm does serve a purpose other than just looking good, it will act as an easy way to differentiate two identical printers. I have another Ender 3 V2 on the way which is coming from Bangood and I'm getting setup to do comparisons. This helm will act as the face so we can easily tell each printer apart.

This video goes through the important steps to show you how to do this yourself to give your printer some personality too. You can also print your own Mando helmet just like I did with just as good or better results.

As mentioned in the video, if you already have issues with cooling, this might not be the best idea, it really depends on your settings and the materials you print. Personally I've found no issues with the printer as long as the bowden tube is properly seated onto the nozzle.

I'm going to need some help with the paintjob, please let us know in the comments how to finish this properly, I'd love to have something that looks like the series, I'm also open to anything and I can also print more and have a few different styles.

Link to remix Mandalorian Helm:
Link to F360 Fan Shroud and Clip:
Full E3V2 Model (Thank you Mo Sabri!)

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