Building Up A Model Railway S2 Ep11 | New Hornby Terrier & 4 Wheel coaches | 3D Printing & CAD

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Welcome to S2 Episode 11 of Building Up A Model Railway, over this Jam packed episode we look at a number of things, New Hornby A1 Terrier in LB&SCR livery, New Hornby 4 wheel Coaches, Painting the bricks on the 'In the Greenwood laser' cut bridge, Metcalfe card GWR signal box and some 3D Modeling and printing. With the 3D printing we model in CAD from Scratch and draw up a little workmans hut and see the advantages of 3D printing from N to O gauge we can see the build up of the same building and the fun we can have. I even have a little paint up of them for you to enjoy too.

The wonderful music featured is a cover by Luke Pickman who does amazing work with many instruments and some featured musicians to create for me very nostalgic feelings.
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