Building some 3D printed fences to keep the dinosaurs from escaping

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Today at Badgerworks, under orders from m'daughter, we make some fences from 3D printed parts and some cheap bamboo skewers to stop the dinosaurs escaping. This method could be easily adapted for wargaming or any other tabletop play.

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Please note that these items are only for guidance. You will need to ensure whatever parts you buy are suitable for the project you have in mind. Also keep in mind that, if misused or abused, a smoke machine may melt or even catch fire.

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Harder & Steenbeck Evolution -
Trigger Airbrush -
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Airbrush connector adaptor kit -
Pro Arte miniature brush set -
Archimedes Drill -
Air Wick Wax Burner -
Motor pack -
Vallejo Airbrush Thinner -
Vallejo Matt Polyurethane Varnish -
3ml pipettes (200) -
3M vinyl masking tape -
Silicone pickup tool -
Circle template -
Trumpeter large photoetch break (bending tool) -
Graphite pencils -
5v TP4056 charging circuit (5 pack) -
3.7v 160mah lithium polymer battery -
SMD5050 LED (100 pack) -
5v Relay board (x5) -
Pololu 6 channel servo controller -
SG90 servo (x5) -
Solder Sucker -
Tobar Smart Putty -
Anti-static tweezer set -
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