Building a Large Format 3D Printer – Part 5: Upgrades!

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Part 5 is packed with serious upgrades and creative 3D prints. The build volume is enclosed with plasma cut sheet metal, CNC milled components, and topped with a massive ABS hat – 3D printed of course! Inevitably there were some issues and expensive mishaps as Dr. D-Flo attempted to print with ABS pellets, a material notorious for warping. But active chamber heating, a new pellet vibrator upgrade, closed-loop stepper motors, and CAN expansion boards vastly increased the reliability of this printer.

Table of Contents:
00:00 – Introduction
01:56 – Battery Backup
02:32 – Motor Brakes
04:02 – Motor Encoders
05:72 – Installing Motors
06:31 – CAN Expansion Boards
11:59 – Closed-Loop Tuning
14:11 – GD Print 1
15:45 – Vibrator
20:22 – GD Print 2
24:23 – Enclosure
30:58 – Hat

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