Broken 3D Printer Fan Outlet

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for Banggood online shopping emporeum.
Order number : 98966921

This printer arrived on Wednesday 28th April and because it requires assembly I waited until Saturday 1st May to open the box. First of all the amount of tape that is on the box and the torn surface where tape has previously been removed from the box, it looks like this printer had already been returned to Banggood and that it may of been sent out to me by mistake. Once the box was opened, I found that the printer is damaged. It has some kind of white coating across ¼ of the top and front left of it's base which is supposed to be grey. The stepper motor attached to the back of the base, which controls the Y axis motion of the print bed is bent by about 15° and it looks like the toothed drive belt would come off after a few rotations. The fan outlet under the extrusion nozzle is cracked and separating on it's left hand edge and it looks like there are traces of plastic filaments all over it. As I was unpacking the printer, some screws and small parts were loose inside the box and fell out when I lifted the parts. Also, the gantry section has clearly been previously attached to the base shown in pics 7&8, the scrapper that comes with the printer looks like it has already been used.
This is a used 3D printer.
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